We do all we can to ensure the integrity of our bets but are unable to provide any guarantee that by betting on the selections that we advise in the way we advise that you will make a profit from the bets.

The advice we provide relates to the outcome of a future event, the result of which is uncertain, We make our selections and advise on bets to be placed by carefully comparing the factors which we believe have the biggest impact upon the outcome and the value that we believe attaches to betting on those selections compared to the bookmakers' odds on offer. Those selections will, we hope, provide a high proportion of winning outcomes from the betting point of view.

However, due to the uncertainty that must attach to the advice we provide, we give no guarantee whatsoever and accept no financial responsibility whatsoever for any loss you may suffer by following our advice.

We may from time to time refer to past results that have produced winning returns. Past performace os no guarantee of future results.